Creativity & Production / #CasaLevis Campaign

2018 / Influencers, celebrities, and makers from LATAM filled their personal Instagram and Facebook accounts with Levi’s content for five days. The job was to organize their activities during their visit to Buenos Aires, schedule every event and produce content for Levi’s profiles. First, let’s party! #CasaLevis was the hashtag used by everyone at the event. Then we visited the Tailor Shop and walked through Palermo, the hip part of town, and then finished the tour by going the next two days to the Lollapalooza. LATAM influencers filled the global hashtag #LiveInLevis with argentine culture party.

 https://www.instagram.com/levis_ar/ / Agency Lanzallamas.tv

2018 / Influenciadores, celebridades y makers de LATAM llenaron Instagram y Facebook con contenidos de Levi’s durante 5 días. Primero la fiesta #CasaLevis, luego visitamos el Tailor Shop de Levi’s, recorrimos Palermo y terminamos la «campaña-tour» en el festival Lollapalooza. Levi’s llenó de nuestra cultura y onda argentina el hashtag mundial #LiveInLevis.

https://www.instagram.com/levis_ar  / Agencia: Lanzallamas.tv